Day 24 of #100inPDX

I went to the Columbia River Gorges for a sunny day of hiking. A gorge is a narrow valley between hills or mountains which is also code for numerous hiking trails and beautiful scenery. The Columbia River separates Washington State to the North and Oregon to the South and is perfectly situated between the two major mountains. You get beautiful glimpses of Mount St. Helen (in Washington state) and Mount Hood (in Oregon).

Aside from remembering the geographic location of the mountains (I have yet to master this), I find it easier to identify these active volcanoes by sight. Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980 killing dozens, clearing acres of land, and causing the overall devastation one would associate with a volcano eruption. As a result, Mount St. Helens has a flat top with no peak.
Mount St. Helens

Mount Hood, on the other hand, hasn’t erupted since the 1860s and has a pointed peak.
Mount Hood

We drove up to Crown Point Vista House for this panoramic view of the gorge. That’s Washington state on the left, across the river.
Columbia River Gorge

This really is a story best told through photos, because there are only so many times you can say “amazing”, “gorgeous”, and “stunning” before the words lose their meaning. I spent most of the hike in awe of nature and it’s amazing, gorgeous, stunning beauty so it’s only right that this blog post follows the same trend!