Final Stretch

Day 80 of #100inPDX

You’re out for a night on the town, making new friends, laughing until it hurts, enjoying a nice buzz that you won’t regret tomorrow. You keep meeting interesting people and yelling jokes over the music. Your favorite songs play, one after the other and you don’t even need to acknowledge them as your jam; the dance floor is yours. You look at the clock: midnight. Last call isn’t for another two hours but that doesn’t matter. You’ve had your fun and can go home knowing you had a wonderful night. You’ve reached the night’s peak and should go home with the memories of the best moments, before your feet start to ache, cabs become scarce, and you angrily crave your bed. Leave on a good note.

Day 80 in Portland is my midnight.

I can’t stress how fulfilling my time in the Rose City has been. Portland is packed with beautiful nature, mouth-watering food, hoppy beer, cool hipsters, and enough activities to keep yourself busy. The summer weather is perfect (Humidity? What humidity?), everyone is visibly please with the sun, and not having a car means frequent scenic walks around the city. My job has been an unparalleled learning experience. My network is full of Portland-transplants eager to hike, run, eat, drink, and explore together.

The best way I can describe this feeling is that Portland is a great city, but it’s not my city. It’s filled with dope people, they’re just not my dope people. My people are on the east coast and this summer really highlighted how important they are to me, my sanity, and how balanced I feel on a daily basis.

So, what am I going to do for the last 20 days of #100inPDX? I’m going to grab an energy drink and plow through until last call, of course. I said it was midnight, not that I was an insane Debbie Downer.

The last few items on my to do list include:

  • Ride the Intel shuttle plane. I AM RIDING THE SHUTTLE RIGHT NOW!
  • Santa Clara and San Francisco for the weekend.
  • Conduct a Teen User-Centered Design workshop at work. This is my brain-child and personal summer project.
  • Celebrate my 27th birthday with my best friend, Makkah!
  • Road trip to Vancouver, BC
  • Visit the Portland Zoo
  • Go wine tasting at an Oregon vineyard
  • As many brunches, day parties, dinners, and happy hours as possible…

That should keep me busy for the final stretch :)