Maker Faire Atlanta 2015

Laser Cut Wooden Robots

The Maker Faire in Downtown Decatur is the perfect opportunity to satisfy all of my craft and hobby-fantasy needs. At the Maker Faire, I want and am encouraged to see, touch, do, and create everything in sight. I found myself making paper from cotton fibers and shredded dollar bills, solving a community crossword puzzle, assembling wooden robots from laser-cut pieces, and building simple circuits. As fascinating as it is to be an adult at a Maker Faire, it’s far more entertaining to observe the children both attending and presenting at the faire.

Reflecting on Printed Electronics

I have a lot of conversations about the future of technology, ranging from active discussions to idle small talk. In every conversation, I assert the same opinion: the future of technology should carefully consider what it means to be bombarded with devices. Printed Electronics for Human-Computer Interaction addresses the foreseeable future of electronics: the ability to print circuits and conductive surfaces quickly, efficiently, and creatively. This technology is situated as a maker’s dream and an industry’s tipping point.

Final Stretch

Portland is packed with beautiful nature, mouth-watering food, hoppy beer, cool hipsters, and enough activities to keep yourself busy. The summer weather is perfect (Humidity? What humidity?), everyone is visibly please with the sun, and not having a car means frequent scenic walks around the city. My job has been an unparalleled learning experience. My network is full of Portland-transplants eager to hike, run, eat, drink, and explore together.

The best way I can describe this feeling is that Portland is a great city, but it’s not my city. It’s filled with dope people, they’re just not my dope people. My people are on the east coast and this summer really highlighted how important they are to me, my sanity, and how balanced I feel on a daily basis.

Houseless in Portland

Sometimes, I feel small because my goals for change are lofty and will take years to accomplish. Shaping an industry, influencing the next generation, and contributing to the development of technology I’m passionate about take time. It’s nice to know that along the way I can do little things to change someone’s day.

On Virality

Last week, during a gchat conversation with a friend, I admitted my financial goals: I would like to make a salary higher than my student loan total. I was mostly joking, but with student loans into the 6-figure range, a salary to match is something to aspire to.

I tossed the idea in my head for a while. I tweeted it. It went viral.