Revisiting the Harry Potter book series

Harry Potter broken glasses

In February 2015, I decided to reread the entire series again. This is a mid-way recap of the first three books, through the eyes of an adult that read the seven as a kid.


Wellesley 2010 5-year Reunion

Returning five years later is Twilight Zone meets Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I spent the better part of the weekend grasping for the words to describe the way I felt and feel about Wellesley College. I may not have all of those words now, but I do know that Wellesley changed the trajectory of my life and made me a woman of which I am proud. #Wellesley2010



I went to the Columbia River Gorges for a sunny day of hiking. This really is a story best told through photos, because there are only so many times you can say “amazing”, “gorgeous”, and “stunning” before the words lose their meaning.

The Evergreen State


I took a break from Portland life to visit Seattle for Memorial Day!

Saying bye to the ‘burbs

Farmer's Market Vegetables

On Sunday, I moved from Lake Oswego to my new apartment in Southeast Portland. I’m now living on Hawthorne Boulevard, the place where “hippies and hipsters mingle”. Exciting times ahead!