Looking Inside Intel: First Week on the Job

Boss Lady's Car

I started working with the Mobility Client Platforms group at Intel Corporation! The week started with New Employee Orientation for all interns, new graduates, and new employees — but you could’ve figured that out.

.what I learned in the first year of grad school

Before I began graduate school, I knew that in order to justify thousands (and thousands and thousands…) of dollars towards an advanced degree, I had to have a plan. So, I set some goals and decided to hit the road running towards them. I could lie and say that I waited to publish this until I had a year of graduate school under my belt, but the truth is that I got busy, forgot, and then stumbled on this in my drafts.

I’m happy it worked out this way. My first semester was a breeze and my second semester was a tornado, but these two experiences balanced my first year allowing me to now tell a complete story.

Welcome to Portland

Blue Star Donuts

Mama Spells and I arrive to Portland! Here’s an account of the first four days’ worth of food, initial thoughts, and surprises!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Mama Spells flew to PDX with me to “help me get settled” (secondary goal) and to visit the city she’s always wanted to see (primary goal). I’m 100% okay with this prioritization.


Flight to Portland

I am spending the summer in Portland, OR interning at Intel Corporation with the Mobility Client Platforms group. The summer will last from mid-May to mid-August, a total of 100 days!* I want to remember every meal, feeling, trip, moment, and laugh to the best of my abilities. What better way than to blog my way through the summer?

* Technically, I will spend about 103 days in Portland and I haven’t purchased my return ticket. But, 100 is such a great, even number – let me have this.