Tech Thoughts

.let karma handle the finances

I listened to a student presentation today about how important it is to encourage women to pursue computer science. I listened with an open mind and suppressed the urge to correct “all girls school” (it’s definitely “all women’s college” – who doesn’t know that?!) and “women don’t…” (women are not a solitary entity) in favor of internalizing their message. The presenters talked about the stereotypical relationship women have with tech and computer science the way one would a fear of dogs. “If we can show them that it’s not scary and that it can be fun, women will love computer science. They’ll be cuddling and playing fetch in no time!”

.pura vida

My best friend, Makkah, and I packed out bags for a weeklong adventure in Costa Rica! Pura Vida and long live #MakAndMosBigAdventure!


24. August.

Baking Olympic cupcakes for Gabby Douglas. Trippy experiences (read: Fuerza Bruta). Brunch. Treat yo’self shopping sprees and candle lit dinners in tucked away wine bars. Oversleeping. Studying vocabulary words for standardized tests I thought I’d grown out of. Dinner, drinks and laughs with the most rewarding and long-lasting bonds I’ll ever know (read: friends). Ending relationships with a somewhat rewarding and not-so-long-lasting bond (read: personal trainer, Zoe).

.applying eternal sunshine

When Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind first came out, my father tried to explain it to me. I was in my late teens and his summary was along the lines of “You just…you just can’t try to forget the hard things because there are good things in there, too.” Thanks, dad – seriously – because those are the exact words I’m going to use to describe this movie.

.kite club, fight runner

It’s mid-January and I’m already crossing two things off my 2013 to do list!