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You Need A Budget

I spend a lot of time considering the healthy tension between an experience’s form and function. How one informs another is the first, and most important, decision a designer will make. While there’s no universally applicable formula, users crave the balance. This balance is the reason Instagram is addictive and ride-share apps have changed our social lives. YNAB is successful because the form (a digital experience built around a budgeting philosophy) firmly guides the function (healthy and informed budgeting habits). Cheers to budgeting bliss!

IMG_8374Budget available money where it’s “needed” most, then where it’s “enjoyed” most.
IMG_8378Add transactions on-the-go to maintain an accurate budget you can trust.
IMG_8380Report for “Rule #4: Age Your Money”, a tactic to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

Talk UX

UX Essentials

MS-HCI Alumni: Monet Spells,  Lee Farabaugh, Jeanie Barker, Florian Foerster, and Erica Newcomb.

I attended a UX Essentials workshop hosted by PointClear Solutions, a consulting company reimagining healthcare technology. The workshop was made possible by a scholarship opportunity extended to Georgia Tech MS-HCI students. Fun Fact: The two workshop facilitators, Lee Farabaugh (CXO) and Erica Newcomb (Director, UX) are graduates of the Georgia Tech MS-HCI program!

Revision Path

I got to geek out with Revision Path’s Maurice Cherry about UX, HCI, women in tech, design trends, travel, networking, a design-driven approach, and my experience speaking at PRO/Design. Listen to the podcast!



I was invited to speak at Nasdaq’s first PRO/Design conference, a free one-day conference about building design-driven companies. I gave a talk titled No One Team Should Have All That Power: Understanding Who Owns Design in the Product Development Process. Yes, that is a Kanye West reference.

This is a brain dump of the experience, highlights, and major takeaways.